Astronautics Academy

Astronautics AcademyTM   explores college and career preparation through an immersive experience in science, technology, engineering and math. Trainees undergo a variety of astronaut training exercises, engineering challenges, leadership and team building activities, all culminating in a series of underwater missions. 

Academy Activities:

  • Training Exercises & Challenges in a Neutrally Buoyant Environment
  • Contingency Mission Planning & Project Management
  • Engineering (design, build & operate) a Remotely Operated Vehicle
  • Training & Application of Leadership Tools & Skills
  • SCUBA Diving Instruction - Counts towards Open Water Certification

Program Benefits:

    • Critical Thinking & Leadership Skills hallmark to college and life success
    • ASET Diver Certification - Pool Diving Only (restrictions apply)
    • ASET Experiential Education - Expeditions and Experiences
    • Receive NAUI Certificate (National Association of Underwater Instruction) credit towards Open Water Diver Certification Course


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