Dive Into Space- Astronautics Academy blends 4 core tenets into an immersive and transformative experience.



Leadership serves as the foundation and context for the unique blend of academics and self-discovery designed to help students understand themselves better, set goals, work in crews and while gaining valuable skills that are critical to college and life success.


Engineering Design Challenge

Designing, building, testing, and re-designing unmanned underwater remotely operated vehicles (UROVs). Students master the engineering design process.


Mission Operations

Critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration developed and demonstrated as students work in crews of three to complete tasks in physiology, research, and engineering -- first on land in a dry lab and then underwater in neutral buoyancy conditions. Students work as crews in a mock-up space lab -- a "clean room" environment -- and wear special gear to work in the lab.


Dive Instruction

Pool diving with scuba gear - students learn the basics of scuba and are equipped with required scuba gear and tanks.


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