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Dive Into Space is an experiential discovery program created by Russ Billings, a NASA Educator Astronaut Interviewee for the Astronaut Class of 2004. Inspired by his NASA experience, he created the program to simulate astronaut training in a neutrally bouyant environment, modeled after the Sonny Carter Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory at NASA's Johnson Space Center.

In 2006, Mr. Billings introduced the team building program to his high school college physics students in Flint, MI, and conducted the first comprehensive SCUBA Diving-based STEM program, partnering with Flint dive shop owner, Kevin Stiff.  Viewing leadership training as the hallmark of student success, Mr. Billings incorporated mission focus leadership into the program as the foundational student leadership component.

Following its initial 2006 run, Dive Into Space went on to receive awards from Diamler-Chrysler, AIAA and the National Civil Patrol, HQ Dive Into Space, and ran several more programs in Michigan, including a National Civil Air Patrol Encampment in 2009.   

In 2016, Dive into Space was incorporated under the ASET Corporation (Aspire, See, Explore, Transform) and expanded to become the corporate parent to three programs:  Astronautics Academy, Open Water Certification, and ASET Scientific Exploration Corp.  

Dive Into Space wasintroduced to California in 2016 and ran its first program in Clovis, CA, where 30 high school students completed the intensive six-day courses and training missions, culminat ing in a Mission Operation Team Competition.  

In 2017, 40 high school age students completed the intensive six-day courses and training missions, culminating in a Mission Operation Team Competition.  


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